Our Concept - Welcome to Tuna Restaurant by Martin Gimenez Castro



Tuna is a contemporary food restaurant where Martin Gimenez Castro, the chef behind Ceviche Bar and Salto, explores the unlimited potential of oceans and fresh water habitats.

Tuna was created to take you on a journey into the deepest parts of oceans, rivers, and lakes. An exploration on which you can discover fish and seafood from all over the world, from tropical seas to the coldest waters on Earth.


Introducing you to new ingredients is just the beginning of our joint excursion. As we explore the diversity and richness of the underwater world together, we want to show that each part of the fish can taste different than the other and how it can be used in a completely unexpected way. 

The course we set for this journey led us to a menu of classic dishes, cold cuts, and conserves – all made from fish.   


The idea of reimagining seafood and our love and respect for all waters resulted in a head-to-tail approach in which we use every part of the fish where nothing goes to waste.


We truly believe in the careful use of nature. Hence, we’re fully committed to sustainable fishing and have a zero-waste policy. To achieve it, we only work with fisheries that respect marine and freshwater habitats and adapt to the reproductive rate of fish to maintain a balance and ensure the survival of all species.


Because we can only enjoy the treasures of the underwater world as long as we treat it with respect.

Tuna was created by two friends – Martin and David, a passionate Argentinian chef and a renowned Australian graphic designer – who met while working together on bringing Ceviche Bar to life. 

Connected by their taste, attention to detail, and creativity, they set out to conceive a new restaurant concept. A place that combines the best of two worlds – Martin’s culinary skills and David’s design thinking.

This is how

Tuna was born.


When preparing our dishes, we always do it with the planet in mind and preserving its precious resources for future generations. We want the fish we use to prepare our dishes to come only from responsible, sustainable sources. 





Our seas and oceans are under increasing pressure. As the world population grows, so does the demand for fish and seafood, translating into increasing global fishing, which, if not managed responsibly, can lead to imbalances in marine ecosystems and species extinctions. Today, more than a third of the world’s seafood is unsustainably fished, resulting in overfishing of stocks.

If we don’t act now, it could lead to irreversible changes. That is why we want to support those fishermen who fish respon-sibly, with care that the seas and oceans remain healthy and vibrant in the future. For years, we have been cooperating with the non-governmental organization MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), working for sustainable fisheries around the world, helping to educate about good and responsible consumer choices. In our menu you will find carefully selected fish from reliable and proven sources. Thanks to this, you can enjoy our dishes, know-ing that it is also a good choice for our Blue Planet.