Tuna: Seafood and Fish with top chef Martin Gimenez Castro

Martin is an Argentinean chef who has been living in Warsaw for the last 15 years. He's widely known as one of the best and most passionate chef's in Poland.

He first caught the publics’ eye when he became the Winner of the inaugural Polish Top Chef edition.

From there, Martin went on to create one of the most prestigious and memorable fine dining experiences in Warsaw – Salto.  

Next, Martin’s lifelong passion for seafood inspired him to conceive Ceviche Bar, a popular destination for local foodies and fish lovers, which quickly became a must-try spot for everyone visiting Warsaw.



Over the last 20 years spent in kitchens around the world, including 3-Michelin-Star restaurants, Martin has become an expert in fish and seafood as well as contemporary cooking techniques.

At Tuna, Martin's main goal is to explore and show the unlimited potential of oceans, rivers and lakes through freestyle cooking.